Annthennath was founded in Rochefort (France) in 2002 by Lyshd & N°6. "Subhuman Terrorism", the first demo, was recorded in winter 2004, and released on tape by Krieg Records (BRA). Lyshd did drums and guitars, and N°6 bass, guitars and vocals.

Later on, the line up was later completed by Thyr (Withdrawn) on Drums, Welkin (Angmar) on Bass, and finally Shaxul (Arphaxat) on Vocals. A new demo was released in 2009, Paeans of Apostasy, on LP by Necromancer Records (DE), Tape by Incoffin productions (THAI), and on CD by Goat Music & Genocide (BRA).

Annthennath first album "States of Liberating Departure" was recorded during 2009 at the Echoes Studio, and mixed early 2010 at the Drudenhaus Studio. CD version was released by Pictonian records (FR).

2010 also saw the release of a split 7" with the great Frostmoon eclipse (ITA) on Armée de la mort records (FRA).

In 2011, "Bridges to Nothingness", a cd containing a new three songs concept on Nothingness, the remastered first demo, and some more inedite tracks. "Bridges to Nothingness" was released by Armée de la Mort Records (FRA)

The same year, Annthennath announces the departure of Thyr, unable to spend time on the bands songs anymore due to the increase of activities of his other bands. Alocer (Lecherous Nocturne) soon joins and will drum for Annthennath on next releases (new album and split LP with Quintessence) .


Shaxul : Vocals
Lyshd : Guitars
N°6 : Guitars
Welkin : Bass
Alocer : Drums


Thyr : Drums
Butcher : Guitars