Tape version of the first album is out on Wohrt Records (USA)!!
Check Wohrt Records or Armée de la mort to order it.


Bridges to Nothingness is now out !!
Check Armée de la mort webshop to order it
Check Listen section for samples.

A protape version of the States of liberating departure album will be announced soon ...


Myspace page is down for good. From now on, this website is the only information source for Annthennath

Armée de la mort is gonna release our next record very soon. Bridges to Nothingness consists in three new tracks from the States of Liberating departure sessions, the remastered first demo, and two inedite tracks.
Check Listen section for samples.

Thyr is no longer Annthennath's drummer. We now welcome Alocer (Lecherous Nocturne) on drums. He's already working on our next releases, a new album, and a split LP with Quintessence, expect to be crushed.


Our split 7" with Frostmoon Eclipse (Italy) is now out on Armée de la Mort records ! You can order it directly here :
Legion of Death / Armée de la mort
This gatefold 7" is strictly limited to 300 copies and contains inedite tracks by each band.


States of Liberating departure is finaly OUT !!!
You can order it at Pictonian webshop
Don't hesitate to ask for wholesale prices


States of Liberating departure is recorded, mixed, mastered, and soon to be shipped to the pressing plant
Songs are on streaming on Myspace and one of them is available for download on Pictonian website
CD version out April 30th 2010 on Pictonian, Let it be Known !
Human Infanticide split 7" with Frostmoon Eclipse has also been shipped to the pressing plant, and shall be released soon.


Paeans of Apostasy is out (well it has been for months already actually)
LP Version on Necromancer Records, Tape on Incoffin (check our links)
CD version soon on Genocide Records


Our new site is finally online
There has been major changes in our line up
A new demo has been recorded, samples on Myspace